Sizzling Summer Fun (& a chance to win oodles of books!)

Are you ready for some Sizzling Summer Fun?

The next couple weeks are jam-packed with chances to win oodles of free books–including my new re-release Heavenly Horse Stories. Wahoo!

Heavenly Horse Stories cover photo

So many of you readers have asked to see photos with my stories, so the publisher and I put our heads together and repackaged Heavenly Horse Sense with the new cover and title, and YES! there are photos sprinkled in too. You can check it out on my Website:

The great news for you is that Heavenly Horse Sense will be faded out–making it a collectors’ book–and in a couple days I’ll be giving away 7 autographed copies during the 3 Days~21 Free Books event I’ll be hosting July 14th-16th.

Then to wrap up the fun, the Grand Finale–the week of July 17th-23rd–is the Annual Christian Author Network’s Scavenger Hunt, where, through a “blog-hop,”  you’ll be able to meet dozens of Christian authors and have more opportunities to win free books.

To top everything off–now through July 25th the E-book Great Horse Stories is on sale for only $0.99. What a great way to take a book on vacation–as an E-Book!

Are you wondering how you might have a chance to win one my books?

Here’s the scoop. On July 14-16th I’ll be giving  away 7 books each day. I’ll post a question here on my blog each of those days at 12:01 am Eastern. There will be an answer box for you to fill out then click “send.” The answers to the questions can be found in my books (I might even give some hints too.) I’ll randomly choose 7 people who answer the question correctly as the winners.

On July 14th I’ll be giving away 7 autographed copies of Heavenly Horse Sense.

July 15th I’ll be giving away 7 Kindle Versions of the E-Book Great Horse Stories

July 16th I’ll be giving away 7 autographed copies of my new re-release Heavenly Horse Stories

So, for the opportunity to win one of my books July 14th-16th come back here–to my blog–and submit an answer to the question.

For information on the Grand Finale–The Annual Christian Authors’ Network Scavenger Hunt on July 17th-23rd–click here 

I’m looking forward to giving away 21 books in 3 days–Be sure to come back here, to my blog, on July 14th-16th for Your Chance to Win!



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