Day 3 of 3 Days~21 Free Books!

Welcome to Day 3 of 3 Days~21 Free Books!

This is the last day of the 3 Days~21 Free books! And you’ll have a chance to win if you submit a correct answer to the question below.

Heavenly Horse Stories cover photo

Below is a question and I will randomly choose 7 winners out of those who answered correctly. When you enter, you agree that you are of legal age, live within the US (or have a military APO), and that events like this are legal where you live. You will also be signing up for an occasional newsletter from me filled with fun tidbits. Only one winner per household per day–which means you can enter again today if you previously won! If you win, you’ll need to respond to my email announcing that you’ve won within 24 hours, or you’ll forfeit your book. You also understand that your first initial and your last name, as well as your state, may be announced if you win.

July 16th I’ll be giving away 7 autographed copies of my new re-release Heavenly Horse Stories

And here’s the question:

What is the name of my horse in the picture below? (You can find the answers in the beginning of Great Horse Stories and Great Horse Stories for Girls–look inside on Photo by Deborah K. Hamilton

Click on this link to answer:


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