Will You be One?

Last weekend I went hiking with a friend and it turned into a treasure hunt. We found a couple old dumps complete with a pickup truck, which we took turns snuggling in the saggy seat and giggling while we wondered what it had looked like when it was shiny and new.

My view of the United States isn’t much different that what I saw in that old truck. Today when I looked at the crazy political headlines and the candidates, I grimace and wonder, Is this the best we can come up with?  The truck was shot full of holes, much like our constitution, and the paint was rusty, much like out spiritual condition. Unlike the truck, which will eventually disintegrate, there still is hope for the United States–but it depends on you and me.my-drive

Will you be one?? For the next 30 days would you be willing to invest 5-10 minutes a day for our nation?

Ponder this…one person rallied against God and over a period of time got prayer taken out of schools…what can we Christians do to take back our nation for God? Last night I was challenged and I accepted…and now I challenge you with the words from a dear friend of mine, Denise Hartmann Echterling:

“Our nation was built on the foundation of His love, Justice and Word. Everywhere you go in Washington DC you see God and the Bible mentioned. Why have so many forgotten their heritage? We believe it is our calling to remind our nation that we are a nation under GOD – will you join us in this calling and a time of Prayer?

Prayer is critical to any nation, especially one that proclaims a connection to God. The United States has historically claimed such a connection, but it seems as if things have changed. Our only hope is to return to our biblical foundation and this will only come through prayer.

Beginning October 9th – November 8th, would you commit yourself in prayer to intercede in one of our nation’s most critical seasons and elections ever? Each day, we will post on what to focus your prayers on for these upcoming days before our National Elections. Will you join us?

Imagine what could happen if the church stood unified in the spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14…’If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.’

Psalm 110:3 (Amp). ‘Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power…’ With America at a crossroads, Prayer is the only thing that will bring real change. Let’s not miss this opportunity.”

Everyday for the next 30 days I’ll be sharing Denise’s prayers.

Are you willing to take 5-10 minutes of your day and pray for our nation? I am. Join me starting October 9th.

After all, what have you got to lose? One nation…under God.

Love, Rebecca


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8 Responses to “Will You be One?”

  1. Ginny Barr Says:

    I am looking forward to your posts and will be praying with you and millions of others.

  2. Nancy Griggs Says:

    I’m in and I am sharing with many

  3. Denise Cawley Says:

    I’m in all the way

  4. Milton Thompson Says:

    Yes I’ll pray for the next 30 days for our nation.

  5. Richard Roeder Says:

    At this point we need a big time miracle, and that’s what I’m praying for. I believe we can again be a nation that stands for Biblical values. Nothing is too hard for God.

  6. Kristi Says:

    I’m in

  7. Ned n Kathy Says:

    Yes yes yes

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  8. Sam Good Says:

    I have been praying for years and will continue praying for our country. The silent have been silent too long.

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