30 Days of Prayer~~Day 21~~One Nation Under God~~Here We Come



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3 Responses to “30 Days of Prayer~~Day 21~~One Nation Under God~~Here We Come”

  1. Jan Says:

    Once again Denise has nailed some very important topics of prayer and hope for America. I so enjoy joining my faith with yours and praying together each morning. I hope that after the election is completed you will consider continuing our group prayer for America. The potential for post election violence needs to be stopped before it gets a chance. Prayer is not only the answer but should be a way of life for the church, and your answering that ‘call’ to gather a group of believers for daily devotionals around central topics is a wonderful thing. I have never seen so many pockets of prayer groups rise up as now. I believe they should continue, and hope you will think about it:)) Jan

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  2. Ed Says:

    Rebecca, I have followed these prayer suggestions daily. They are all great, and this one is one of the best yet. We claim to be one nation under God, and, as a matter of fact, we are, whether our national leaders recognize it or not. Our government cannot and should not attempt to establish one form of religion over another, because it is God who establishes the government (see Romans 13:1). Neither can our government limit our relationship with God. Therefore, whatever the result of the current election, God’s will shall be done, whether that will is the elevation of this nation or its humbling. Be encouraged that no earthly ruler will ever dethrone our God. He is, and always will be the supreme Judge and Ruler.
    I do pray that, whomever is ultimately our president, he or she will be brought to the realization that God is and should be in control, and will accede to His rule. For any person not to do so will ultimately only bring judgement upon themselves.

  3. Ned n Kathy Says:

    Amen Rebecca

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