Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year from my Home to Yours

Wow! What a ride this past year has been. My goal in life has been to NEVER be “normal.” Normal is boring with no adventures, so that makes 2020 one of my best years ever.

It’s been like living in a John Gresham novel (Revelations), being so emotionally sucked into it that you want to turn the pages quickly, but don’t know if you dare. Each day has been filled with suspense, espionage, intrigue, and heart-pounding unexpected double-crossings! I’m so honored that God chose me to live now—in such an exciting time—so that I can pray and lead others to Him.

My greatest highlight that I gleaned from 2020 was gaining a deeper understanding of Corrie Ten Boom’s quote, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” I’ve been building my faith by reading the Bible hour after hour to overcome the fear of that unknown future. Why did I think I knew what the future would hold? I never would have guessed a media-driven pandemic. Only God knows what lies ahead. Those of us who seek Him are His favorite kids, so why be afraid? Why not make this crazy life an adventure?

For 2021, I’m praying that God’s Presence invades your hearts and homes. May His Glory shine so brightly that everything in the world around you grows dim.

Blessings, Rebecca


2 Responses to “Happy New Year 2021!”

  1. maryamillsbuildingalegacyofgrace Says:

    Yes rebecca this has been an exciting year. Thank you for your insightful words. You are a blessing to so many. May 2021 be filled with more exciting adventures written by The Almighty Author and Finisher of The Greatest Story ever written. How cool that we get to be included in such an epic true story!

  2. Ginny Barr Says:

    Happy New Year, Rebecca. I was so thrilled to see your posts in my email today. I don’t check it often enough. I look forward to your morning ponderings and hopefully bible passages to read and meditate on. Corrie Ten Boom’s quote is a good start. Sincerely, Ginny

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