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Be Empowered from the Inside Out

February 8, 2017


I have some exciting news to share with you about being empowered from the inside-out, but first, how about some secrets, from behind the scenes?

It started a while ago, one morning when I was snuggled into my prayer chair. But, this particular morning I wasn’t praying, nor was I worshiping. I was whining.

God, what’s the world coming to? It’s spinning out of control. I ranted about people stirring up strife and not keeping their word. Have you ever felt this way?

Poor God listened to me vent about how I felt our society no longer places value on a person’s character and that so many of our modern-day heroes were no more than sex-objects and/or people who cheat to get ahead. What happened to the old days when heroes had talent, good moral standards, and they stood for godly justice? The good guy would win.

When I quit whining, I heard God’s still small voice inside my spirit ask me, “And what are you doing about it?”

I gasped. He went on to say that it’s too easy to blame Hollywood, politics, and pornography for the way the world was going. In actuality if Hollywood and the pornography companies didn’t make any money on trashy movies and magazines, they wouldn’t produce them. They’re a business. They’re whole goal is to make money.

God shared that if we would strengthen our character in Him and then everything else will turn around. That made sense to me, but it seemed overwhelming. So I asked a simple question, “How.” But I didn’t get a simple answer. I needed be willing to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I haven’t done before because God impressed on my heart the idea of Talk Around the Campfire (TM). Throughout history campfires have been the place where folks gathered together to figure out life.

My mind spun with memories from the 15 years I worked from the saddle in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. Days were slowed down to three miles an hour, the speed of my saddle horse. For hours on end we’d plod down the craggy trails. Suddenly everything would erupt and we’d face an incredible adventure. Although sometimes those adventures seemed more like nightmares—especially when we encountered grizzly bears and when we got trapped in a forest fire.

Then we’d sit around the campfire nearly every morning and evening, sharing our wild hair-raising adventures.

Through it all, I discovered that each day we built our character by living The Code of the West. If you have ever studied that code, much of it reflects Godly character. Those principles were drilled into us out of necessity for survival: a man’s word was his bond, courage and integrity meant more than money, and where living a life of honor was to be esteemed.

There became a depth to my convictions and my life.  Living on the edge of life-or death each day—spurred me on. I never knew which day would be my last. As I developed my character, I became empowered from the inside-out.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? To become empowered from the inside-out so that we as a team can join together. We can link our arms to change our homes, neighborhoods, cities, states, and our nations?

A key I’ve learned with character is not a goal that is achieved once, but it’s something to pursue and build on each day.

That’s why I created Talk Around the Campfire (TM) as a place where we can come together as a team to be encouraged, inspired, and challenged to build and maintain godly character.

It’s rather simple. So most days on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, I’ll post a morning pondering: a quote about the theme of the month. It’s a tidbit for all of us to ponder throughout the day. Are you a Pinterest fan? Come peek at the boards I have started of inspirational sayings. Randomly I’ll be posting the same thoughts on my blog, Blog Talk Radio, Podcasts, and fun clips on YouTube, so you can choose which platform works the best for you.

Why don’t you come join me—together we’ll be empowered from the inside-out.

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