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Wishing You a Blessed Christmas!

December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I feel blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who made my year so special—thank you! I love catching up with you on Facebook, by email, and snail mail. And I want you to know that I pray for you in the mornings—that God pours out His peace, love, and blessings on you and your families.

Here are a couple highlights from my year:Me with fish q

In July I flew to Alaska with my brother Chuck and his wife Cindy, where we met with several friends and fished the salmon run on the Kenai Peninsula.

With fish everywhere you’d think it’d be a snap, but I was skunked a couple days before I finally got the hang of how to catch those illusive fish!

I was thrilled to bring home a box of salmon and am planning on smoking some for Christmas. See the grin? I was one happy girl that day.

20150728_112600Cindy and I had some great “sister time” hiking up to a glacier AFTER taking a Kenai Fjord tour where we learned that July in Alaska i20150728_191416t is only 30 below zero! Just kidding. But we did have to bundle up aboard the ship while we were entertained by the interesting sea animals and by the jaw-dropping scenery.

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In August I celebrated the release of the book of my heart, Great Horse Stories for Girls. The goal is through my true-story devotions my horses, to help the reader discover what a treasure God created them to be. Don’t be fooled by the title; I’ve got gals in the 60’s and 70’s who have fallen in love with the book.


Cover regular


I’m excited that in February of 2016 my next book My Horse Diary for Girls launches—yes, it’s what the title says, it’s a fun diary for girls that has some horsey quotes in it.

I also have a re-release (with photos) of Heavenly Horse Stories coming up and I’m thrilled and honored to be one of the authors in the Daily Guideposts 2016.


Whew! It’s been an amazing year for which I give God all the glory and thanks.

Wishing you the very best Christmas ever–and an incredibly Happy 2016!


10 Days~10 Free Books-Day 7

December 3, 2015

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Don’t Miss Out! 10 Days ~ 10 Free Books

The question for Day 7 is: The day I drove to Missoula, MT to buy knobs for my kitchen cupboards but…I came home with (be specific–the first and most specific wins)?

Enter your answer by clicking on the link below (make sure you read the directions from the first post “10 Days~10 Free Books” first.)

You can find the answers on my Website: or in my books (hint: you can access a lot of the stories by going to my website and clicking on the “Books” tab, then click on the online retailer tabs where they show the books where you can look inside).

Click on the link below:

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Crazy Dreams that Glorify God

November 8, 2015

WhRebecca Ondov & Czaren you were a child, how did you respond to the question, “What will you be when you grow up?” I’d blurt out, “I’m going to be an Indian and ride horses all day.”  With good humor my parents and their friends chuckled.  I’m sure they scratched their heads and pondered, “How do you become an Indian from a Slavic dad and a Norwegian mom?”

How could I have dreamt something so far-fetched?  And for a girl! Did you have crazy dreams like that too? As outrageous as it sounds, God used that dream to glorify Him.  Crazy? It has been!

For that dream took me on an adventure of a lifetime into the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. For most of 15 years, from May through December, I rode my horse and led guests on horse pack trips over the craggy trails of the Rocky Mountains. Mules traipsed behind, laden down with our duffel and camping gear. They were incredible years where I learned how to survive in the wilderness (and knock ice off my sleeping bag). And although I didn’t sleep in a teepee, I did sleep under the stars, under a wicki-up, and in a tent. In the evening we’d tell stories around the campfire, and then I’d toss my bedroll under a tall pine tree. I’d fall asleep to the serenade of the coyotes and wake to the first gleam of dawn with the chatter from the birds. I loved it—unless there were grizzly bears prowling around—and there were several of them!

As crazy as it was, I lived the dream that God put in my heart; I’d lived like an Indian and rode my horse all day. But the best was yet to come! God whispered in my heart that He wanted me to write of my adventures as parables, in a devotional format, that revealed His love. So I’ve corralled those Wild West stories of when the wilderness reduced my life to bare bones. Every day proved simple; either I lived or I died. If I lived, tackled another day of adventures, like with grizzly bears, falling off cliffs, and forest fires, days where God would rescue me.

I’d like to invite you to saddle up and ride with me through the pages of my books for an adventure of a lifetime.

Horse Tales from Heaven