10 Days~10 Free Books-Day 9

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10 Days ~~ 10 Free BooksHeavenly Horse Sense email copy

The question for Day 9 is: What is it called when you make a pack that goes on a mule by wrapping your gear & duffel in a canvas tarp? (You _____ the load. The rope that’s used is called the same thing, a ______ rope.)

Enter your answer by clicking on the link below (make sure you read the directions from the first post “10 Days~10 Free Books” first.)

You can find the answers on my Website: http://rebeccaondov.com or in my books (hint: you can access a lot of the stories by going to my website and clicking on the “Books” tab, then click on the online retailer tabs where they show the books where you can look inside).

Click on the link below:

Click Here to Answer Day 9


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